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Horizon is about more than keeping the day-to-day parts of your business running smoothly. We're here to help you keep your community strong so you can help more people live their healthiest lives.

Our story

Hi! We’re Tegan and Andrew. In 2016, we met at a CrossFit gym in Melbourne, and have been exercising as fast as possible ever since. We’ve come to love the sport, and community that CrossFit and Functional Fitness bring to our lives, and the lives so many other people, and can’t wait to pay it forward with Horizon.

Horizon was dreamt up in 2019 from asking a simple question. If working out is the best part of our day, then why is the app on my phone absolutely terrible? We knew that there must be a better way… so we made one.

Horizon started as a piece of gym management software, but as we were talking to gym owners about what’s important to them, we realised that gym management was only half of the story. Yeah, it’s great to have a slick programming tool, and a nice booking system (which Horizon has, obviously), but gyms that thrive are based around community, and the current suite of software packages left community as an afterthought.

Helping you cultivate a strong, vibrant community is central to everything that Horizon does. We’ve built member touch points into every part of our app, so that you can stay connected, and your members stay engaged. We’ve designed Horizon with small business in mind, and a maniacal focus on making running your business, and supporting your members as easy, and enjoyable as possible. We want to give you time to do what you do best, changing people’s lives and giving them the best hour of their day.

We knew that we wanted Horizon to be an all-in-one platform, in the true sense. With Horizon, you don’t need separate systems for bookings and programming, or even a social media account to keep in touch with your members. Everything works seamlessly in one, beautiful place. We know that you’ll love Horizon, and your members will too!

This is only the first step though. We’ve got big ideas for Horizon, and a very long roadmap ahead, and we want to develop these features along-side gym owners. If you’ve got ideas, we want to hear them! Just say hello to hello@horizonapp.com.au to get in touch.

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Andrew Keegan


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Co-Founder and CEO

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