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How to hire a good CrossFit coach


How to hire a good CrossFit coach

Finding great coaches can sometimes be tricky and takes time! Coaches are often a key to retaining your members and even bringing in new ones. Nurturing your coaching staff is just as important as nurturing your members. So, how do we find the right ones, and then how to do make them stay?

"Great coaching can seem like magic, but that would belie the observable, measurable, and repeatable process that leads to the development of a great coach. It takes work and determination, but the journey to great coaching is one anyone can undertake." - CrossFit Training and Education

Create an epic job ad!

Being a CrossFit Coach is far from boring, so why make a boring job ad? The first step to weeding out people that are just not the right fit for your gym and community is through the job ad. Here are some tips of things to put in the job ad to make it stand out:

1. Tell them what kind of person/personality you are looking for.
2. Tell them about your community.
3. Let them know the benefits of working for you!
4. Don't forget the important stuff (salary expectations, hours offered etc)
5. Make the boring things fun! Will they have to clean the toilets? How can you make that seem like the most epic job on the market.
6. Let your personality shine through the ad.

Where do we look?

There are lots of places that you can look for a good coach, even places like Seek or other job search websites. But for something like CrossFit this probably isn't going to help you find the cream of the crop. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Post your job ad in the CrossFit ANZ job board . This newly created place you can find in the link in bio of the CrossFit ANZ instagram page.
2. Post your job ad in the Australian CrossFitters FaceBook group. Both of these two options will already narrow down your search and ensure that the people that are applying have a knowledge of CrossFit, the community, and the style of training you are looking for. This will help you cut down the wasted time.

How do I choose the right one?

So, you might have a bunch of applicants and on paper they look pretty good. But, we know that these days, it's more about fit over skills. You can always teach someone to be better at what they do, but you can't teach someone to have a different personality that fits better with your community.

So, do a fit test.
1. Get a shortlist of applicants to train at your gym for a week or two to get a feel for it. This will give them the ability to see what your gym is all about, understand the facilities and get to know the vibe of your community, and give you the opportunity to see how they go fitting in. Remember, they are interviewing you as much as you're interviewing them.
2. Have them take a few classes, no strings attached. This will give you a chance to see what their style is like, you can see their knowledge in action and see how they gel with your members.
3. Ask some of your members! What did they think? Did they enjoy having a different coach? Did they like their style, and most importantly their personality?

After that, you're probably going to have a good idea which coach is the right fit for your gym.

How do I keep my great coaches?

There is a lot of focus in gyms about member retention, obviously because they are paying you for your service, so you've got to give them a great experience. But, your staff are often key to your retaining your members, so you've got to make sure they are happy and fulfilled in their role.

1. Make sure you both keep up an honest, transparent dialogue. This will ensure your staff feel comfortable to ask you questions and come to you with things regarding their employment.
2. Ensure they get great benefits. It's the extras these days that are enticing people so be sure you're matching up to the market. Have a look at other gym's job ads and make sure your benefits are similar.
3. Help them to grow. The best coaches are the best students. They are always wanting to learn and expand their knowledge, so make sure you encourage them to take on new opportunities.
4. Ask for their feedback. What are they liking/not liking about the gym? What could be improved? What could you be doing better as a leader? Make sure that you work with them to implement this feedback and always be seeking to improve yourself and your gym.

Developing a new coach

Whether there is someone in your gym that wants to do their Level 1, or whether you have a brand new coach fresh out of their L1 weekend, there are ways to develop and shape a new coach that benefit both you and them.

Many gyms offer an internship program that develops new coaches while shadowing an experienced coach. While this may not give you the experienced coach you're looking for right away, developing a new coach can be a rewarding experience that leads to increased loyalty in the future.

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