Every workout is scalable.
So is our pricing!

We're not one size fits all, we're the one size that fits you!

Let’s break it down...

Your first 30 members cost
$6 ea
Your next 30 members cost
$4 ea
Your next 30 members cost
$2 ea
Then the rest cost
$1 ea

All prices are per active member per month

Here’s how much you’ll pay

Tell us how many members you have...
Your monthly subscription fee will be...

This price is indicitive of the projected number of members you have input in the field above. Prices will vary and will calculate based on active members per month.

Fees are confusing. We’re here to help

All transactions incur fees, which sucks! But we ve made a tool to help make sense of them. Just tell us how much you want to earn per member per month for a given membership package, let us know which fees you want to pass along, and we ll tell you how much to charge. Simples

I want to make at least*

per month per member

*this figure represents gross revenue per member for your chosen payment frequency, and only takes Stripe fees and Horizon's subscription price into account. Taxes are excluded from this calculation

Fees to pass along to members

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per week


per fortnight


per month


per 6 months


per annum


We've got your questions answered below!

Great question! The way we see it, we're software developers, so leave the data migration to us! We just need an export of your member's data from your current platform, and we'll do the rest!

As every platform is different, we can't guarantee that 100% of their workout history will make it across but we will bring across as much as possible.

As a part of your sign-up process, we will be in touch to discuss exactly how to go about getting your member data exports, and will be with you every step of the way.

With our Stripe integration, you'll be prompted to create an account upon signing up for Horizon. It's as easy as choosing an email, password, and connecting the bank account that you want your members to pay into, and then voilà, you're done!

Through our Stripe integration, you'll be able to offer your members BECS direct debit, and credit/debit card payment options.

You'll also have the flexibility to set billing frequencies, from weekly, fortnightly, and monthly

Yep! If you get 3rd party programming, you can copy and paste the programming into Horizon's programming tool using the 'Other' workout type.

While we're migrating your data, you'll be given access to Horizon to build our your membership packages. When we import your members, they will automatically be assigned to whichever package you like, it can be the same as your old ones, or a completely new one, it's up to you!

Your members will need to download the member app in order to input their payment information, and confirm their new membership package.